What To Do As Soon As You Get An Idea To Write About

We’ve all been there before. Suddenly an idea hits you and you realize that’s a valuable. “What a great idea” you proclaim. But later as you try to recall your original gem, you struggle, only to find that your initial thought and enthusiasm has suddenly taken wings.

Experienced writers and info-product creators recognize the need to capture those moments. That’s why a pen and notepad is always within reach. They write ideas down as soon as they hatch. This way they can seize the thought immediately and explore it later.

But if you fail to capture it, you have nothing but a fading memory to come back to. Any cheap pen and scrap of paper will do. That alone will help you avoid losing what could be a million dollar idea.

As you grow as a writer or info product creator, you’ll be writing and creating more and more products. Discovering prime material becomes part of your existence, so having a notebook for this purpose makes perfect sense.

At your first opportunity, get to work on your idea. Take action immediately while it’s still fresh in your mind.

When you get a few minutes free and clear, that’s the time to expand your idea. Take your simple concept and write it out on a fresh page. Begin to explore your idea. Define it.

What product is this best suited for — an article, ebook, report, printed manual, or something else entirely? Now is the time to start envisioning turning your single idea into the most viable product and format.

Consider how you’ll use your proposed material. Will it be a free report used for lead generation, an introductory product for a new market, or a bonus for a major product you already have in mind? Will it be a front end product or an up-sell… basic or advanced? Think about it. Once you have a solid idea of the end result, it’s easier to take the necessary steps and see it through to completion.

Next, start mapping out your product. Expand your idea further by brainstorming key related ideas. Consider this… What is most significant about your idea? Jot every idea down as it enters your consciousness. Give yourself 5 minutes of free flowing idea-generation and you might amaze yourself by your creativity. Thinking in this way gives your idea solid legs to stand on.

Assess your readiness. Is this a product you can crank out fast, without completely interrupting your entire schedule? If so, get on with it.

What else is required to get the job done? That’s another key question and one you need to consider. Advance your idea forward on the day it first appeared. That’s how you maximize its value in the minimum amount of time.

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