Use Your Rich Experience To Enhance Your Writing

Write regularly and you will find it easier to sell more of your writing. Writing is a creative action that naturally gets easier and improves in quality as you engage in the process. Tap into your rich life experience and your supply of content ideas will seldom run dry.

In any nonfiction piece, it’s important to know exactly what point you want to get across. Use that as a guidepost to channel your thinking and then let your mind take over.

Completely engross yourself in the experience and allow yourself freedom of expression. Let any perceived limitations fall by the wayside and never worry about what others will think. The trick is to unleash your true voice and you can only do that when you silence the internal critic.

Include specific details and inject real emotion. Tell it as only you can through your eyes and range of life experiences. Nobody else has seen the world the way you have and the details you have to share are always of interest to others. The trick is to let your hair down and the words spill out onto the page.

If you want to truly enhance your writing, get comfortable in letting whatever comes to mind to be expressed on the page. Get comfortable in your own skin as you explore the various realms of your life experience. What is behind you is extensive. You are who you are because of the life experiences you’ve encountered, whether you enjoyed or merely endured them.

Use Your Rich Experience To Enhance Your Writing
Forget about technique and focus on bringing your experiences, observations, interpretations and perceptions to life.

Project the picture in your mind and then recreate it with your words. Add color, feelings and specific detail. When you focus like a laser beam on the various components of the picture, you make it easy for anyone to imagine. Including what you see, hear and feel enhances your writing by expressing a fuller range of human experience.

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