6 Common Obstacles That Stop People Who Want To Write A Book

Almost everyone would like to have authored a book. But few are as enthusiastic about the task of writing a book from scratch.  And sadly, only a tiny percentage of folks ever actually get it done.

If you’ve ever started writing a book but fell short of completing the task and getting it published, chances are at least one of these six obstacles got in your way.

It Need Not Be A Difficult Task

Completing a book seems like a long, toilsome task to many people. But in reality, it’ a lot like completing a challenging jig-saw puzzle. Once you’ve developed a system that works for you and are determined to not get derailed, your success is virtually assured. And surprisingly to most,  you can actually write your book in short order.

Obstacle #1: Writing a book is an overwhelming project.

The biggest deterrent to book completion for a new author is the massive undertaking that creating your own book appears to be. When asked about this, the majority of people think that writing a book takes months, even years of hard work.

For some, this proves to be true. But for the majority of successful authors, writing a book is a far less arduous task, requiring in many cases just days instead of months or years.

Obstacle #2: People think they need a publisher.

Writing a book, getting it published and becoming a best-selling author is a dream. But in order to get there, you think you need to sell your book idea to a big publisher. But this simply isn’t the case.

With today’s methods, technology and global reach, anyone can write a book fast, self-publish their work instantly, and find a worldwide audience of eager buyers – without leaving home.

Obstacle #3: Not knowing where to begin.

Follow a proven path. Perhaps you’re looking to build your brand or image, make a splash in a niche market, or create an additional source of income for yourself.

It’s all within your reach. But you’ve got to get started and see it through in order to benefit. Start  where you are. Then keep going. Unfinished work never made anyone successful.

This is where many would-be authors stumble and fall. They simply don’t know where to begin the journey.

Find Your Market First

It all seems overwhelming to these folks. But that’s just because no one ever told them the best way to get started was to find the market first. Craft your book to serve the emotional needs (desires) of that market.

Obstacle #4: No clear direction or path.

Wanting to get there is one thing. But following through to completion is something else entirely. If you don’t have a clear path in mind from the start, you’ll find it difficult to keep going.

An Outline Shows You The Way

Create a step-by-step plan – a detailed outline – before you write. A completed outline is the most valuable asset you could have as an author. It’s your plan of action – your road map. Follow it and you will complete your book.

A stellar outline is like money in the bank.

Your outline is a valuable asset – one that will help you reach your end goal. Creating your book will be so much easier. Without an outline or plan, the odds are stacked against you.

Obstacle #5: No obvious topic or angle to write about.

If you were to start writing your book today, what would you write about? For some, that thought alone can be too overwhelming to contemplate. If your book concept isn’t something you previously considered, you may be at a loss in choosing a topic to write about.

Few Ideas Or Too Many?

At the other end of the scale, there are those who have so many ideas, they don’t know which to select first. The real problem here is a lack of focus.

Having numerous ideas can be useful, but you can only write one book at a time. So the key is to make your selection and follow it through.  Deliberating endlessly about the “best” topic to write about will get you nowhere.

Obstacle #6: Thinking that your idea has already been covered by someone else.

Another hurdle that can turn off a would-be author rather fast is discovering that your specific topic has already been done by someone else. So what?

No one else can has your unique perspective and life experience.

You probably are not the first person to think about your topic. But letting this discovery stop you in your tracks could cost you tens of thousands of dollars – or more – in lost revenue.  It’s highly unlikely that someone else could cover your chosen topic to such an extent that it would deem your project redundant.

Speak Your Mind

Only you can share what you have to say. No one else has your unique life experience and perspective. And no one else can create the book that’s inside of you now.

The truth is, the world is a big place. If a market is hungry for information on a specific topic, you can bet that they’re also interested in learning from other sources too.

Take Action Today To Get Your Book Started

Don’t put it off another day. I know you can do it. Get going on your book today. It can change your life in a positive way.

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