Speed Writing Tips To Help You Create Any Content Faster

Speed up your writing and it pays off multiple ways. Get more words on the page in less time and you stand a very good chance of making more money. A higher output means more books, reports, articles and blog posts and each piece of writing adds to your exposure and income earning potential.

So if you want to increase your writing productivity, you’ll find these quick speed writing tips and secrets helpful.

Writing anything can be a long, drawn out process where you stare at a blank screen for what seems like forever. But writing can also be remarkably quick and easy like having a deep conversation with a close friend.

There are 3 deciding factors as to whether writing is boring and painful, or fast and painless. They are 1. your mental attitude, 2. your preparation before the writing begins, and 3. your overall work ethic.

If you’re confident that you can write your piece in hours instead of days, you’re off to a good start. You’ve got to know in your heart that you can do it to make speed writing work for you. Expect it to take days and it probably will. Go in there knowing that you can bang it out in only a couple of hours and you can accomplish that result too.

Begin With A Plan

The first secret is to create a workable plan. Establish an outline and you have a virtual step-by-step guide that will take you from start to finish in the shortest possible amount of time.

The key is to break each component part down to its most basic elements, giving you a series of sub-sections to create.

When it’s time to write, you have to bear down and get to work writing one small segment at a time. Condition yourself to roll up your sleeves and get it done.

When you simply must get it done, you do. Why is that? It’s because when your back is against the wall with a deadline fast approaching, you no longer have a choice. It’s “do or die”. So you make your project a priority. You shut out all distractions and you get down to it because the consequences of not doing so are just too painful to have to endure.

You have been highly-productive at times. But what if you could crank out project after project with the same level of efficiency? Truth is… you can. It need not be a stressful event where you have to beat the clock. Simply allow a specific amount of time for each segment and then move on, regardless of your progress. Doing so actually trains your brain to spit out quality, on-target content on demand.

One Bite At A Time

Chunk every writing assignment down to bite-size pieces. With your major topic in mind, list as many related topics as you can. Of all the quick and easy speed writing tips ever uncovered — nothing can impact your productivity as dramatically as this one.

Think of each of your related topics as chapter or section topics. What is most important about your main topic?

Try to list 5 to 30 topic areas. The number you require essentially depends on the scope of your project. For example, if you’re writing a short report, 5 sub-topics might be optimal. If you’re writing a 200-page book, spend five or ten minutes generating 20 to 30 different sub-topics you want to write about.

Next, take each individual sub-topic and list 3 short points that first come to mind when you examine that sub-topic.

These could be specific keywords, questions, or significant points you want to make related to a specific sub-topic. Limit each sub-topic to just 3 elements you want to talk about, otherwise your sections could go on forever. This keeps you focused on using your best material, while the outline helps to keep it all organized.

Next, set your watch or timer to sound at the 10 minute mark. Now begin with any sub-topic and write like crazy for the allotted time.

After just 10 minutes, you will have created a page or more of solid, usable content. Now set the timer again and repeat the process for another segment. Do one after another and in just one hour, you’ll have created 6 complete sub-topics. If it’s a short report you’re writing, you could almost be finished after just an hour or so of power writing. Avoid the temptation to polish up your writing until your entire draft is completed.

If you have a solid background in the subject area, writing this way can be a fast, easy and fun process. Drawing upon what you already know is a quick speed writing tip that can make a profound difference in your writing productivity. When you can count on your acquired knowledge as your primary source of information, fleshing out the details of your piece couldn’t be easier.

With these super-fast speed writing tips anyone can write a book quickly and make a lot of money. Most people have bestseller dreams but don’t really know how to write a book in the fastest possible way. If you follow the advice here, you’ll astound yourself and everyone around you. Get started today.

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