Short Report Writing Secrets

Report writing is a terrific way to turn your words into money. Reports are shorter in length and therefore require less time to create. So you can go from concept to completed product in a fraction of the time it would typically take you to write a book.

Think Of It As One Chapter

I tend to think of a report as being similar to a single book chapter. It could be 10, 20, 30 pages, or more in length — no hard and fast rules regarding the number of words or pages apply. Usually a report covers a specific subtopic, much like a chapter. Or it can act as an introduction to the subject matter, something a book would examine in much greater detail.

For many beginning writers, information product producers or internet marketers, writing a book or creating a high-priced info product can be a daunting task. In reality, it’s nothing but a step-by-step procedure with a lot of incremental actions. A report might only involve one tenth or one twentieth the work that a full-fledged book or info product does. So a report is a great way to get started in the business of self-publishing, or to break into any niche for that matter.

Expressway To Income

Reports are super fast and easy to create. You can map out your content in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve gotten clear on your direction and focus, you can crank out a report in a matter of hours. What this means is that you could begin with a simple idea in the morning and have it up for sale by the time the evening rolls around. With effective marketing in place, you could even start generating sales immediately. Reports get you up and running, so you can earn money quickly and easily.

Testing New Markets Is Easy

Another huge advantage in writing reports is that it enables you to quickly set foot in a market niche and test the waters. Within days you could gather factual data; key information that no amount of guesswork can equal. When you tap into a red hot market, you’ll know right away. You can then develop additional products for the same market. But by getting started with a report, you’re generating income from day one.

Start With The End In Mind

During the planning stage of your report, it’s a good idea to have an idea as to the approximate length you want the finished product to be. Would 10 pages be enough? How about 20 pages? Or, do you get a sense that you need more in order to do justice to the subject matter?

It’s always your choice how much content to include. Larger, “beefier” reports tend to fetch higher prices, although that’s not always the case. In fact with rare, high-value information, sellers in some markets can get top dollar for only a few pages. I’ve heard of buyers paying as much as $500 for a couple of pages of text.

It’s important to stick to the key information and avoid filler material just to stretch it out. Report buyers want the facts and they want those facts fast. But if you have lots of important details to include, you might need a whole lot more space. It’s always best to get a handle on this from the get go so you know what’s in store when you launch into your writing mode.

How To Come Up With An On-Target Title In Seconds

Create a working title for your report. The easiest method I’ve found to do this is to begin with the words “How To” and simply fill in the blank. You can easily modify your title after, but using the “How To” technique will help you get started immediately. Here are a few examples…

How To Prepare Delicious Gourmet Meals At Home
How To Raise Confident and Happy Children
How To Lose 25 Pounds in The Next 25 Days and Keep it Off Forever
How To See The World and Get Paid For Sharing Your Stories
How To Do Your Own Home Painting and Save a Thousand Dollars or More

If you wanted to write about cooking, for example, that’s a huge subject. Choosing a specific title helps narrow your focus into a more manageable size. “How To Prepare Delicious Gourmet Meals At Home” is a broad subject area, so further refinement would be a good idea. “How To Prepare Delicious Gourmet Meals At Home From Simple, Inexpensive Ingredients Found In Every Pantry” adds specificity and appeal at the same time. Narrow down your subject and you direct your thinking in a clearly-defined channel.

Details, Details

Now that you have your direction figured out, it’s time to brainstorm major subtopics. If you know your subject well, this should only take you a minute or two. Here’s where you begin to flesh out your content. Just jot down as many subtopics as you can over the next 3-5 minutes. Think in terms of keywords that are related to your subject. Another technique is to imagine the steps involved in the process you’re about to teach. You can simply label each step and use these as your subtopics.

Fill In The Blanks

When you go to write the report, simply take each subtopic and fill in the blanks. How far you go depends on the amount of content you want to create. You could write half a page or even a couple of pages on each subtopic.

Review your list of keywords or potential subtopics. Underline the essential ones. Recast and reconsider some of the others. Perhaps a different angle would shed new light on an important area. Rearrange your list to suit. What you want to do at this point is arrange your subtopics in some kind of logical order. The overriding benefit of logical arrangement is that it will help you write in a way your readers will easily understand.

What you now have is your basic outline. You can take it and run with it and bang out a short report quickly if you want. Or, you may choose to break down each subtopic into a few keywords or important points. Either approach can work. It’s really a matter of personal preference. If you’re anticipating a longer report, I suggest spending more time on your outline to include more specific details.

Now you’re ready to write. With your mind map and/or outline, you have the structure, the basic framework of your report right in front of you. Now it’s just a matter of sharing information in your own words. Start with what you know best and then move onto the other sections.

What’s the fastest way to turn your words into money? Simply write and self-publish a special report. Report writing is quick and easy, once you understand these basics. Want to test a new market niche in as little time as humanly possible? Create a report and make it available to the market.

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