How To Get Into The Flow of Writing Your Book

Do you struggle to find the right words when you sit down to write? Are you constantly re-reading what you just wrote, to see if it sounds the way you want? If you’ve ever experienced these, or similar symptoms – you’re not alone. Most of us face those kinds of challenges, at one time or another.

Find Your Flow And Boost Your Productivity

When you’re constantly shifting gears, progress is minimal. What you want to do is find that almost magical state of flow. That’s where the words pour freely out of you in a natural manner. Your writing takes on a life of its own and your productivity soars.

Large Projects Become Less Challenging

Getting into the flow of writing a book is one of the big secrets of success. Most writing projects drag on longer than they should. And this can be a huge problem with book writing, due to the sheer size of the task.

Establish A New Habit

Writing takes longer for most because they haven’t yet developed productive writing habits. When the words are flowing, you’ve entered that blissful writing state where the magic happens. This is where you’re most productive as a writer.

But it’s sometimes difficult to get into the flow of writing a book. The more frequently you can get into this rhythm, the more productive you’ve be.

Write Every Day

Writing often is important. The more you do it, the more words you’ll produce. And practice makes improvement. Experienced writers are productive writers. They’ve learned to work efficiently and this likely means they can get into the flow state quickly.

Pay attention to your own writing efforts. Make note of the conditions and time of say when you seem more effective as a writer. Is there a process you go through when you get into the zone and the words flow naturally?

Don’t Put It Off

Procrastination serves no one – least of all the writer. Putting it off won’t help you get more creative later. Nearly everyone seems to be affected by procrastination at some point. So don’t think that you’re the only one with this problem.

Take the Next Step

Often the hardest step is the first one. You need to fight the tendency to procrastinate with all you’ve got and get the wheels turning. Even a slow-turning wheel makes progress. The trick is to get it started and build on your momentum.

Finding a positive and productive writing environment is a good way to encourage the writer inside to come out and write. Pour a fresh cup of coffee or tea and play soft classical music of sounds of nature in the background.

Know When You Need A Break

Forget trying to write all day long. Instead, make a short commitment. Write for five minutes, non-stop. Then do it again. After a few intensive writing sessions, get up and walk around. Take a quick break and stretch your body. Shift gears for five minutes to give your mind a rest.

Plan First – Then Write

Planning and organizing is the key to staying on track. For book writing, this is absolutely essential. You’ve got to decide on the topics, sub-topics and key points in advance of writing. Get the raw ideas out on the page, first. Choose relevant information and organize it in the most effective way. Flesh out the details in key words or phrases.

Use this simple plan or outline as the structure from which you build your book. Keep the reader in mind and provide the important ideas, methods and insights they would most want to know.

One Element At A Time

Start writing one section of your plan at a time. Then move on to the next. Give yourself a specific amount of time – for example, 5 minutes to cover each sub-section. When you’ve written a whole chapter, take a break.

Don’t Edit Midstream

Forget about editing until you’ve got the entire first draft completed. It’s easy to get side-tracked. But if you want to get it down fast, you’ve got to get into the flow of writing your book and don’t stop until you’re done.

Resist all temptation to tinker. In fact – forget about it – at the creation stage. Get the words done and fix them later.

If you stick to this approach, you’ll actually get it done and will write your book in far less time. Getting into the flow means finding your rhythm and staying with it as long as you can. The flow state will come and go. Seize it when you can and you’ll make the most of your book writing.

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