How To Get a Book Published The Fast, Easy and Dirt-Cheap Way

Who else wants to become a published author? If you’ve ever wondered how to get a book published, without the usual trials and tribulations, pay particular attention to this article.

Having your own book in print is a wonderful feeling. Anyone can put words to a page, design a cover, convert it into PDF format and call themselves an eBook author. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a great way to generate an additional income stream. But nothing beats having you work in print and available to the world.

You can go the traditional route of submitting manuscripts hoping to be accepted by an established publisher. But be prepared to spend months chasing the dream, while collecting the inevitable rejection slips along the way. If you’re willing to tough it out and then wait another year or so for your book to appear in print, go for it.

But now there’s an option that bring your dreams to life without the waiting and the uncertainty. You won’t have to invest heavily like most self-publishers do, financing that first 1000-copy print run. In fact, this option is dirt cheap… yet it allows you to tap into the marketing and distribution power of the largest book retailer in the world – Amazon.

Yes, the good people at Amazon have definitively solved the “how to get a book published” riddle that has stopped countless ideas and creative works from ever seeing the light of day.

The ultimate solution for you is to use KDP (Kindle Digital Print – an Amazon company) and publish your book through them. The process is very simple and so unbelievably cost-effective that it triggers a reaction of utter shock in anyone who’s been at this for a while.

You simply upload your book KDP. They check it to make sure that it’s ready for printing. You can then request a sample copy by mail for a few dollars, plus shipping and handling. Within a week you’ll hold the first print copy of your book in your hands and what a wonderful feeling it is.

If the sample is to your liking, go back to the site and let them know that you’re satisfied with the proof. A couple of clicks later and your book will be submitted to Amazon. You earn far higher royalties too. For example, Amazon takes about half of the selling price on a $20 book. This means your royalty is about $10 per copy. Try getting that from a traditional print publisher and you’ll see just how valuable this new service really is.

You just can’t beat the prestige and positioning a genuine print book gives you. Now when asked how to get a book published, I point everyone who will listen to this valuable resource. What it means for most people who already have something written is that within a couple of weeks from today, they could be selling a book in print on Amazon.

It just doesn’t get any better. If you ever wondered how to get a book published without all the usual hassles, expenses and delays – this site was made for you.

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