How Effective Info Product Creators Overcome Procrastination To Get It Done (Part Three)

13. Re-frame any seemingly unpleasant task to make it more palatable. Nothing by itself is either good or bad – it’s your perception that makes it so. Nothing is either painful or pleasurable until you decide which it is. If you hate spending endless hours on research, change what your information gathering sessions mean to you and your project. How you choose to look at a task makes all the difference in the world. See it in a positive light and you’ll get it done faster and better. Once it’s done, you’ll realize that it wasn’t the big deal you made it out to be. Master the skill of re-framing and you’ll have conquered the procrastination beast once and for all.

14. Have fun. All aspects of writing/info product creation should be as enjoyable as possible. Turn the various elements into pleasurable activities and they’ll be much easier to handle. Nobody procrastinates on the things that make them feel good. Keep it upbeat and fun. Turn a difficult task into challenge or competition, or think of it as an adventure. Usually it’s the perception of pain that is the underlying cause of procrastination. Let the feelings of pleasure dominate your consciousness and you’ll forget about the pain long enough to get the job done. And once you get it done, you’ll find that the pain has vanished.

15. Visualize your work as a completed project in your minds’ eye. See it as a great success. If it’s a book you’re writing, imagine that it’s a best-seller and capture the experience on the screen of your mind. Internalize these feelings of accomplishment and amplify them so you feel it even stronger. Reinforce the joy that you’re about to realize. Lock these sensory experiences into your memory bank and relive them often. Having a clear picture of the desired result helps you through the trials and tribulations along the way. Visualize your successful outcome enough and the mental image will eventually become your reality.


16. Approach a difficult writing assignment as though you were a master at getting things done. Think of someone you know who consistently gets things done. Who impresses you because of what they are able to accomplish? Imagine that this achiever was in your shoes, facing the exact challenge that you do today. How would they assess and approach the situation? What actions would they take? What would they do to just get it done? Now turn these answers into your own plan of action.

17. Organize your computer. Set up a separate file for each writing project and place all corresponding files there. Open your project file and create secondary folders within the main project folder. Be sure to place all documents, downloads, web references, and everything else within the most appropriate sub-folder. Making a habit of this will pay huge dividends in time saved trying to retrieve bits and pieces of important content.

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