High Output Writing Techniques (Part Three)

11. Challenge yourself to finish ahead of schedule. If you
typically take 30 minutes to write an article, give yourself 15
minutes to write the next one. Stick to it and you literally drive
yourself to a higher level of output. Seek out better, faster, more
productive ways of doing things. Then give yourself a reward for
your increased productivity.

12. Strive for incremental time savings in the areas
related to your writing. Small but consistent reduction in the
time it takes to source information, organize it and then map out
an outline can make a dramatic difference over the long haul.
You just need to do things a little better than average – on a
consistent basis. Striving to better your best in all those other
areas is one of the secrets to becoming a peak performance

13. Develop a preference for action. Never put off for
tomorrow what you can do today. Dig in without delay and you’ll
complete more writing projects in ten years than the vast
majority of writers will in a lifetime. Take action as soon as you
think of it and you’ll enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
How you use your time determines the quality of your life.
Writers who get things done inherently have a bias for action.

14. Do it better. Keep discovering ways to improve your
performance. Focus your attention on finding a faster, more
efficient way of doing the same task and then outperform all
past efforts. Challenging yourself can make boring tasks
interesting and fun. Using software that speeds up tasks can also help make a world of difference.

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