Guaranteed Book Writing Success Plan

If you ever thought about writing a book but have yet to get it done — what’s holding you back? Maybe you got started writing one day fueled by inspiration. Maybe you wrote several pages, or even a chapter. But then you tossed your work in progress into a drawer and went on with your life as though your writing didn’t count.

If you ever wanted to write a book or dreamed about becoming a best-selling author, but you are not yet in the process of writing your book, this article is for you.

As I recall the mindset I had as I struggled to get my first book finished, a Raymond Douglas Stanford quote comes to mind. It is… “You are the only problem you will ever have and baby, you are the only solution.”

As with most things in life, these words also apply to writing your book. If you sincerely want it, but you’re not yet accomplishing your book writing goals, there is only one reason. You have allowed yourself to get in the way. You are the obstacle. But the good news is that you are also the way over, around or through that obstacle. Only you can change your results. No one else can do it for you.

“If it is to be, it’s up to me” said famous pastor and author, Robert Schuller. Understanding this basic concept and accepting total responsibility for the results in your life is a necessary requirement to achieve your goal of writing a book. Stick with it and you will succeed.

Here’s your guaranteed book writing success plan:

1. Clarify Your Thinking

Decide on the one book you’re going to write. If you’re thinking about more than one book, choose the one that gets you most excited. That’s the best place to start. Now cast the others aside and begin to focus exclusively on your chosen topic.

You can get to the other ideas later, but you need to focus all your energy on the one book you’re going to write now. Develop the single purpose of writing your book and seeing it through. Make it a priority in your life and pursue its completion with dogged determination.

2. Develop A Plan For Your Book

A plan is crucial. Ever started a writing project and abandoned it before you got it finished? If so, my guess is that you didn’t have a complete plan in place from day one.

Map out your key ideas. Choose the best of the best and then break them down even further. Each key idea becomes a chapter of your book.

Turn your map into a detailed outline by thinking through the overall project and each of its component parts. Next, organize it in a logical format. This arranges your material chapter-by-chapter, topic-by-topic, even page-by-page. When you know exactly what you’re going to cover and where it’s going, writing your book is a walk in the park.

3. Imagine The End Result

Picture yourself holding your completed book in hand and notice how it feels. Imagine the crowds at those book-signing events eager to buy copies of your work. See the sales coming in everyday as word spreads about your red-hot book. Fuel your desire by constantly thinking about the results you want. Repeatedly visualizing your desired results injects a “success consciousness” which reinforces the positive habit of writing everyday and moving towards your desire.

4. Build Your Self Confidence

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve accomplished in your life before. You can write a successful book. But you have to believe in yourself and your own abilities enough to see it through. Each line of text is one line closer to the finish line. That’s all any book is in essence anyway. It’s a whole bunch of lines put together, one after another, until it makes a book. So if you can write even a single sentence, you can surely repeat it any number of times. Use each line to propel you forward to the next one.

5. Make The Commitment To Finish Your Book No Matter What

Control your attention and stay focused on your project. Develop a dogged determination to see it through regardless of any challenges life tosses your way.

Concentrate on your ability to add one more line, one more paragraph, or one more segment. Never let any obstacle stop you. Keep moving forward and everyday you advance closer towards your dream.

There’s a proven book writing success plan that’s yours for the taking.

If you sincerely want to write a book, take these words to heart. Do that and you will succeed. You will finish your book. And all those once impossible things that a completed book can bring you are now within reach. Getting it done makes all the difference in the world.

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