Digital Information Product Creation Transforms Self-Publishing

Write it, speak it, or create a screen-capture video of your method and just like that — you’ve created a product. Upload it to your website or blog and instantly you become a self-publisher. Add a dash of marketing firepower and your quick and easy information product can bring in the cash — and plenty of it for years.

Welcome to the world of digital information product creation.

It’s something that just wasn’t available only a few years ago. And it’s something that surely would have astounded our forefathers. Yet digital products are being created and added to the mammoth supply of information online every minute of every day.

For any aspiring writer, self-publisher, or info-product creator, it’s the ideal time in history to capitalize on the desire for creative expression.

Self publishing in the digital age is super easy and virtually free. It doesn’t require a year or two to sell your idea and get it published the agonizing slow traditional way. You just get the words down in the format of your choice and a few mouse clicks later; your product is for all intents and purposes “published”.

As quick as it is to self-publish your digital information, others can download, read, listen to, or watch — with equal speed and ease. You can sell your digital information or you can give it away for free, in order to build an audience and subscriber base. There are advantages to both and most successful self-publishers today engage in some of each method.

Formats are numerous too.

You can write reports, ebooks, books, manuals, home-study courses, ecourses and more. You can speak downloadable audio lessons, interviews, presentations, and even books, word for word. And then there’s video. The popularity of video online has exploded as technology has improved and equipment prices have plummeted. Now anyone can create short videos with nothing more than a smartphone.

It’s easier than ever to become a self-publisher and digital information product creation is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way ever to do it. What’s stopping you?

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