Can a Book Writing For Dummies Approach Help You?

Can a Book Writing For Dummies Approach Help You?

If you want to write a book but you’re struggling to get going, chances are you’re making the process far too complicated. It need not be that way and in fact, the more you can simplify the process, the easier it gets. If you’ve yet to make any significant headway, try again with a more basic “book writing for dummies” approach.

The first thing you must realize is that you are a unique specimen. No one else in the world is exactly like you. You’ve carved your own path and everything that you’ve observed, experienced and taken part in is part of who you are.

The best part is that most of those experiences, observations and actions are locked away in the vast storehouse of your memory. This means that already have an extensive knowledge base from which to draw. Unfortunately for many, they don’t recognize this huge, untapped potential. Instead they accept the mistaken belief that they don’t have anything interesting to write about and that’s rather sad.

Simplify your thinking. Go back to the basics. Think from a book writing for dummies perspective and tap into your own resources. There are many things there that you could capitalize on in some way.

Think about it. Maybe you’re a mother or father. What have you learned about raising kids that could help other new parents? Or perhaps you’ve had to care for an aging parent and the lessons you’ve learned about the sometimes harsh reality of it all could benefit others who find themselves in a similar position.

What about all the jobs you’ve had, the training you’ve obtained, or the business you started years ago — is there a lesson in there somewhere?

The easiest type of book to write is one that teaches readers how to do something. If you can show others what you’ve learned in a step-by-step format, shaping it into a product is a simple “book writing for dummies” process. Just list all the steps involved and prioritize them. Provide the necessary details of each step and you’ve got a working foundation – one that can be expanded if needed.

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