Article Speed Writing Secrets: How To Write An Article Fast

Writing articles is fundamental to success on the web. Every website needs content and content is what articles are all about. Blog posts are nothing but short articles. And information products generally consist of several components or sections, which when broken down are essentially articles.

Articles rule. But writing one article here and there offers little long term value. Every article you post helps – whether it’s on your website or in an article directory like Ezine Articles.

You need to write and submit articles on a consistent basis. And this means being able to bang them out at hyper speed. If it takes you an hour to write an article, how many of them can you write in a week? If at that speed you can do one or more a day, I suspect you’re in the minority. But what if you could bang each article out in just minutes? Now you’re onto something – perhaps the most lucrative secret of your online marketing career.

If you want to learn how to write an article fast, this information is for you.

The real secret is to know your topic. If you’re writing about an affiliate product you know little about, it’s going to be a struggle to compose an informative article in minutes. But if you’re writing about something you know well like your profession or industry, writing an article in minutes is grade-school easy.

So step number one is to know your material well. Think of it this way: if you were writing about your car, you quickly describe all the things you like and don’t like about it. But if you were given a model to write about and know nothing of this car, you’d have to spend time digging for information first.

Article speed-writing is about getting the words in sentence and paragraph form onto the page. It’s not about researching or brainstorming. That’s something else altogether. In the writing phase, your sole purpose is to get it down clearly and succinctly.

This is the point at which having a title comes into play.

Step number two is to create an effective title for your article. A title gives you a specific direction. There’s no question about the overall content of your article and a quick glance back at the tile keeps advancing you forward down the same path.

“How to” titles work well. If you’ve got information of value, simply preface what your readers want to know with “how to” and you’re well on your way. Another formula that works like a charm is “7 ways to”. Now it doesn’t have to be 7. You could make it 10 or 5 or 3 – it really doesn’t really matter. Just be sure to include useful content.

Knowing your overall subject matter and having assigned a specific title is half the battle. You now know what you need to cover in the paragraphs that make up your article.

Next, it’s simply a matter of fleshing out the details. I like to use a simple mind map by listing the title in the center of a blank page and then taking a moment to brainstorm the key points I want to cover. Let’s take my mind map for this article as an example…

In the center, I wrote – “How To Write An Article Fast” and circled it. Then I thought of the main points I wanted to cover and wrote each on a separate line surrounding the main title. My main points included “Know your topic”… “Write your title”… “Fill in the blanks”… and “Formula” as 4 main points.

With this simple mind map in hand, all that’s left is to compose the article by writing it out in sentence form.

All you really need is 4-5 simple paragraphs and bingo – you’ve got another article finished. A standard format and one that’s simple to follow is this:

Paragraph #1 – introduction

Paragraphs #2 – #4 details (one paragraph per main point is adequate. You can add more if you want.)

Paragraph #5 – conclusion

Follow this formula as a template and article writing can become second nature for you. To write an article fast, be sure you know the topic, channel your thinking by choosing a title, and rough out your ideas. With these preliminary steps, you’ll be writing articles faster than ever before.

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