The 5 Biggest Obstacles To Writing A Book

Want to write a book and make a lot of money? Are you interested in creating something that can give you an extra income for many months — even years — to come? Would you like to be paid thousands of times for doing the work just once?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and haven’t yet written your book, what’s holding you back? Chances are it’s one of the following reasons. These are the ‘big 6’ obstacles to writing a book, but each one can be handily overcome.

1. Writing A Book Is A Huge Task

Let’s first get clear on what a “book” really is. When we’re talking about writing a book of your own, we’re not referring a bookstore type of book or those paperback novels that variety stores sell. The kind of book we recommend is of the non-fiction variety that is instructional in nature. These “books” can take many different forms and may contain as few as 40-50 pages. So if you’re thinking that your book has to be a monstrous 400-page tome, your false perceptions may be the only thing holding you back.

Whether your production is a 40 page ebook or a 175-page printed manual, there’s an easy way to create it. You simply break it down, chapter by chapter, section by section, or even page by page.

There’s an old saying you’ve heard a million times before and it most definitely applies to book writing — “By the yard it’s hard, but by the inch it’s a cinch.” If you look at it as a huge project of several hundred pages, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the scope of the work. Instead, consider it as a mere 10 chapters or segments and then simply knock one off at a time.

When you break it down into bite-size pieces, writing a book becomes as easy as banging out a grocery list in just a few minutes. Then when you add up a bunch of these pieces, pretty soon you have a chapter. Once one chapter is complete, you can them move onto another.

Planning is the key to simplifying the task of book writing. When you map it out and knock off one little chunk at a time, writing a book of several hundred pages is well within your capabilities. Try it and you’ll see for yourself.

2. You Lack Self Confidence

You can do it — you really can. Writing a book (ebook, report, course, manual, home study program, etc.) is not something reserved for those with gifted abilities. Anyone can share information and organize it into a product that others will want to buy. But self doubt will finish you long before you finish your book, if you allow its grip to take hold.

Forget what your early teachers may have said about your writing. None of that means anything in the real world of information marketing. If you can communicate an idea by voice, you can communicate it on the written page. All you are doing is sharing valuable information. It may be old hat to you, but it’s interesting, solution-oriented details other people want to know.

Forget about crafting the perfect composition and simply share your ideas. Tell your readers how to get the results they want… what they have to do and when… and where they can find the tools or materials to get the job done. Buyers want “inside information” presented clearly and simply. Nothing fancy here. Just straightforward explanations as though you were sharing your discoveries with a friend.

Can you pull that off? Are you capable of telling a friend about the steps involved to achieve the desired results? If you can do that, you have what it takes to write a book. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

3. You’re Waiting For Inspiration

Writing a book and getting it out there requires a take-charge attitude. If you’re waiting for a magical moment of inspiration, you could be waiting a very long time. And if your moment of inspiration arrives and you find your mojo, how long can you sustain it?

Nobody writes a book in one sitting. It just doesn’t happen that way. So seeking outside inspiration and seizing it, will only get you so far. If you’re dependent on it, you need to wait for your next moment of inspiration to continue making progress on your book.

Results matter. Nothing else counts. And the only path to results is to chip away at the task. Writing something every day, but don’t spend all day crafting a single paragraph. Just get it done and then move on. Don’t wait for inspiration. Kick into action mode instead.

4. You Don’t Have Time To Write A Book

Having no time to write is just an excuse. Everyone can find the time to get it done if they make it a priority. If you plan to write your book “someday”, that day may never arrive. Life doesn’t slow down and you’ll never find the time if you don’t make writing your book an important priority in your life.

Everyone is busy. We all have multiple things on our plates. There are children to care for, parents to worry about, job pressures, dinner to cook and families to feed, friends to keep in touch with and thousands of other things to keep you from getting your book done. All are valid reasons to divert your focus. But if you want to get your book finished and enjoy the rewards that can only be yours once it’s done, you’ve got to find a way.

Everyone can squeeze a little private writing time into their lives. It’s just a matter of having the will to do it. Get up half an hour earlier when the house is quiet. Or, stay up later than everyone else and write one segment or chapter each evening. Soon enough you’ll have your completed project in hand. If you want it, you’ll find the time to get it done. Discipline yourself enough to get the ball rolling and then let your momentum carry you though.


5. You Can’t Decide Where To Begin

Getting started can be a challenge. But you can make that claim about anything worthwhile in life. Imagine that you just bought a piece of lake-front property with the intention of building your dream home. Where would you begin? What would you do first? If you let indecision take hold, your land will remain vacant. But if you start to map out a plan and then organize it into small steps, your dream will begin to take shape. Writing your book is just like that.

Start from wherever you are and keep moving forward. Find a market where your knowledge and passion could be put to good use. Take inventory of yourself to discover all the things you know that you could write about.

Decide that yes, you are going to write your book now and you’re not going to put it off any longer. Decide on the result you want. Imagine your completed book in your hands. Then get started with one step at a time, forever moving you closer to the outcome you want.

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