Outline Blueprint Formula

Outline Blueprint Formula: Info-Product Secrets… How You Can Create Quality Books, Reports, Courses & More FASTER & EASIER With A Simple OUTLINE

Who Wouldn’t Want Their Own Exclusive Line of QUALITY, Income-Producing Reports, Books, Manuals and MORE — When They Practically Write Themselves?

The Secret Lies in the PLAN.

With a Powerful and Highly-Effective OUTLINE or BLUEPRINT — You Can Create Information Products Quickly and Easily — As Often As You Want

Anyone can put words on a page.

And if you do it often enough… and build up your word count… you can eventually fill a book.

But will your words come together TO CREATE SOMETHING OF VALUE?

Will the words flow easily so readers can make sense of your message?

Will you provide the right information and details so your customers feel good about the USE VALUE they received — in exchange for the cash value they gave up?

There’s a SECRET to QUALITY info-product creation. And that secret lies in the preparation BEFORE the production.


Detailed outlines or BLUEPRINTS are the key to successful and efficient information product creation. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that it’s the most important thing – next to having a great product idea, of course.

With a strong outline you can be assured of a strong product. Having a KILLER outline you’ve thought through in advance makes creating the product super-fast and easy-as-pie.

But is it possible to generate a COMPLETE outline without spending days… weeks… or even MONTHS of your valuable time?

Yes it is possible – when you know how.

In case there’s any doubt in your mind, I’ve made it easy for you with my new report — Info-Product BLUEPRINT Formula… How To Prepare Powerful, Detailed Outlines… To Make Info-Product Creation FAST, FUN and EASY

It’s a 52-page (19,000+ words) success guide you can download instantly to help you create a top-drawer, detailed outline for information products on virtually any topic under the sun.

How To Create Quality, Complete Books, Manuals and Courses In Less Time

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover by snagging this red-hot report at a massive discount price TODAY (But you’ll have to act FAST and catch this special deal before until I come to my senses and charge what it’s actually worth!)…

  • The one clear-cut advantage of info-products that make them the undisputed champions of the product creation world! (If you’re not riding this horse – You’re ripping yourself off BIG TIME — here’s why…)
  • At least 26 different ways to package your information to produce profits on demand! (And the best part is… you get to choose whatever format you want and with so many choices — you’re GUARANTEED to find the perfect fit for you!)
  • Where to start… why it’s important to do it right… and EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to take any idea and shape it into a powerful, targeted, and potentially BEST-SELLING info-product — in the easiest and most direct way possible!
  • The ABC formula for information delivery that every successful product follows! (It’s grade-school easy and it’s absolutely essential to follow this format if you want to sell thousands of your info-products!)
  • The 10 Key Steps to a powerful, hard-hitting outline that virtually guarantees you a top-drawer product you’ll be able to produce quickly and almost effortlessly!
  • Why creating an outline that serves you like a detailed blueprint serves a builder is CRITICAL to your success… and how to do it the right way — SYSTEMATICALLY — so you don’t miss a beat!
  • How to use your WHOLE brain to develop your breakthrough ideas into TOPNOTCH info-products at ZERO COST and how you can instantly turn what you already know into raging rivers of cash that flow continuously – for years!
  • The #1 reason why most aspiring info-product creators get stuck… and the shockingly simple methods to ensure this NEVER happens to you! (The result? Use this system just once and you’ll want to use it again and again to create multiple, auto-pilot income sources!)
  • What info-product buyers really want… and how to give it to them WITHOUT QUESTION every single time! (Revealed: How your competitors actually help to bridge the gap between your prospects present and PERFECT results!)
  • The 10-second “secret” solution to shaping your info-product in a way that attracts attention… interest… and a sure-fire desire to buy NOW!
  • Fill-in-the-blank instant solutions for generating BIG ideas on demand and creating explosive content that shows your buyers the inside secrets you’ve already uncovered!


You’ll find dozens of tips, techniques and tactics to help you write highly-effective information product blueprints every time.

And you’ll learn… how to define your topic… break it down into key sections… and how to fill each segment with quality, unique and interesting information.

Plus… you also get several lightning-fast “plug-in” tools for quickly filling out your blueprint with exciting, breakthrough ideas your audience will love.

Before you write your first (or next) information product, why not grab this eye-opening report and let these proven ideas work for you?

The Cost is Minimal – The Potential Rewards Unlimited

Can you create information products without a blueprint?

Sure, it’s possible.

But I don’t recommend it because without a detailed info-product blueprint, it’s VERY likely that you will…

– Struggle to get your project completed…

– Lose your way… get confused… and end up extremely flustered and frustrated…

– Shift gears and change direction, only to discover later that you’ve strayed from your original purpose and intention…

Even if you’re feeling inspired and sure of yourself, without a BLUEPRINT of your product — you’ll eventually quit… or postpone your project indefinitely. Your efforts wasted… Your project doomed.

And if by chance you’re lucky enough to get your project completed without first preparing a blueprint – chances are it won’t be nearly as direct, effective, or focused as it could and should be.

But do it right and… The sky’s the limit.

Do it right and those reports, books, manuals and ALL other types of info-products you can imagine, practically write themselves!

Not only that… but you’ll be creating value in the lives of others and that value can pay off for you for many years.

That’s the value of a true INFO-PRODUCT BLUEPRINT.

There’s no question… The ultimate tool for fast, efficient and quality product creation is a quality, well-detailed OUTLINE.

Take this new report and apply the information it contains. Put it to work for you and start building your own library of intellectual assets.

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