One Hour Bestseller

Give Yourself Just One Hour… And You Too Can Create Your Own Best-Selling Information Product. Discovers The Simple Formula For Turning A Single Hour of Time Into Thousand Dollar Paydays – Again and Again

It’s true.

Thousands in potential earnings — from a product that was brought to life in just one hour.

Fact is… one hour of “content creation” is all it takes.

One golden hour and you’ve got your own cash machine that can easily put thousands of dollars right into your pocket.

Oh sure, it might take a few extra hours to map out a plan before your start. And maybe another hour or two to polish up your work at the end.

But with the process I’m about to introduce to you, it only takes ONE HOUR to actually “create” your highly-marketable product. And on the same day the idea first came to mind, you could have a finished – ready to sell – product.

“The fastest product creation method I’ve seen bar none. Robert has a formula that makes quality products quick. Highly recommended.”

Paul Coleman
California, USA
Author and Consultant

Whatever you get at the end is 100% yours. It’s a rock-solid asset… and you own it free and clear. You’ll have a completely unique information product before you know it.

…And it’s a high-value item you can sell over and over again for months – even years.

This one product can easily earn you thousands of dollars… and quite possibly, much, much MORE. And once you see how quick and easy it is… you’ll want to repeat these simple steps many times over.

There’s nothing to prevent you from completing this basic process as often as you wish – so you can turn those simple ideas into multiple sources of income.

Most people think they have to write a 200-300 page book or course manual to make serious money selling information. In their minds this means spending month after gruelling month slaving away at a keyboard to make it happen.

But the truth is… IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! In fact… if it’s not quick, easy and FUN – why bother?

There are lots of ways to make money. But nothing beats creating simple information products and selling hundreds – even thousands of copies.

I’m going to show you how you can take a single idea… create a framework around it… and shape it into a marketable product faster than it takes the average person to select a topic.

Now at last anyone – and I do mean anyone – can become a self-published author and actually get paid handsomely for their work.

“I think it’s an outstanding and well thought out blueprint for creating a product, and anyone who’s ever wished they could come up with something to sell online can now put that fear to bed once and for all. A brilliant piece of writing.”

Trevor Emdon
United Kingdom

When you work for a wage, you only get paid once for your efforts. But when you craft an information product and you market it to many people – you get paid over and over again for your one time creation.

If you’ve ever dreamed about discovering the little-known secrets of making automatic money 24/7 – the kind of secrets not even 5 out of every 10,000 people know – than this message is written for you.

Here’s why: I’ve just released a brand new report called, The One Hour Bestseller that reveals a complete system for earning the highest possible return from every minute of effort you put into your self-publishing project.

THE ONE HOUR BESTSELLER System To Quickly Create Quality Info-Products That SELL

Here are just some of the details you’re about to discover for yourself in this breakthrough report:

  • How To Spot The Best Opportunities… Develop an Ideal Angle or Killer Concept… Map Out The Details… and Create a Bestselling Information Product Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!
  • The “Big 3” Elements of Rapid Product Creation and How To Knock Off Each One Super-Fast! (Plus, 6 compelling reasons why creating information products FAST — simply makes sense!)
  • 3 “Must-Have” Key Ingredients of a Bestselling Product… Why Each One Is So Important… and How The Foundation Of Your Success Is Laid In Advance! (Get this right from the start and you’ll easily have a HUGE and almost UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over 99% of all competitors!)
  • The 5 Basics of The One Hour Bestseller… How To Set The Stage…Simple Methods To Make It Grade-School Easy… and The Precise Formula You Need To Follow To Create A Breakthrough Product In a Mere 60 Minutes — Where All You Have To Do Is Fill-In-The-Blanks!
  • Shockingly Simple Secrets For One-Hour Product Creation! (How to set your target… map out the best, most amazing details… and bang out a quality product – 3 minutes at a time!)
  • How To Transform A Good Topic Idea Into A Powerful Title That Turns Heads and Grabs The Attention and Interest of The Greatest Number of “High-Probability” Buyers Possible!
  • A Near-Instant Technique That Works Like Magic To Reveal Key Ideas, Insights, Techniques and Examples on ANY TOPIC in Just Minutes! (Anyone can use this… it’s a method designed to work in harmony with the brain. Best part is – it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!)
  • Where To Look For Red-Hot Ideas… What People Really Buy When They Purchase Information Products… and How To Uncover The Most Topics and Angles Ideas Of All!
  • The #1 “Undisputed Champion” Method For Creating Quality Info-Products Lightning Fast… and How To Put This – The Expert’s Preferred Choice – To Work For You! (Plus…instantly adapt these Plug ‘n Play templates and you’re off to the races – just like that!)
  • How To Take Any Single Point, Key Word, or Sub-Title and Instantly Flesh-Out All The Precise, Relevant, and Most Important Details SEVERAL WAYS – On The Spot! (Here’s the secret to cranking out top notch content at warp speed!)
  • 100% FREE TOOLS To Help You Get Going TODAY Without Spending A Penny More On Extras! (Don’t overlook these gems because they’re free! You really can create a bestselling product using nothing else than the basics you already have – and these enhancements!)


Plus… You’ll also discover many more helpful and profitable tips, tricks and tactics to help you create high-value information people want… and are more than willing to pay for.

And you’ll learn… How to spot an opportunity and turn it into a red-hot topic… How to quickly build it out into major sections… and… How to jam each section with the ultimate, unique and usable information buyers really want.

“I really like it. A good little concept for creating products. I really like the system and the questions that help spike your your thought process are awesome. I always get nuggets of killer info from your reports.

The concept is sound and after you’ve done the market research it seems quite easy to create a product using the 1 hour rule and chunking it down into bite sized morsels. Very cool system. All in all, great stuff.”

Derek Krein
Virginia, USA

But that’s not all!

You also get a bunch of easy-peasy ideas for quickly taking a simple idea and transforming it into a breakthrough product that sells from the get-go.

Why not make life easier on yourself?

Before you craft your first (or next) information product, I urge you to grab this eye-opening report and let my rapid-fire, proven ideas go to work for you.

It costs peanuts… and could easily be worth a fortune in automatic, hands-free profits for months – even years to come!

So what are you waiting for?

Think of how much time just one or two of these tips will save you. You can literally create a bestselling product doing only about 10% of the work typically required.

Stop Struggling and Get Your Own Products The Easy Way

Can you create an information product without The One Hour Bestseller?

Yes, of course you can. Anyone could. It’s not brain surgery.

But here’s the thing…

If you miss out on these quick-action secrets that can give you BANKABLE RESULTS faster than anything you’ve ever seen – you’re going to spend MUCH more time in product creation than you should.

And as we all know… TIME IS MONEY.

If you take the “usual route”… you’re wasting your time – plain and simple.

If you do that, you’ll struggle to get your information product finished and I guarantee it will take you a lot more time too. Or, you might never get started… or you’ll start a project only to lose your way… get frustrated… and give up on the one thing that could change your life – and the lives of everyone who buys it!

This report is exactly the thing you need to get an information product started and finished in the same day.

It’s clearly doable. It’s within your reach. But you have to reach out and seize this opportunity before it vanishes.

Follow these steps and… the sky’s the limit. You can launch an information empire on this material alone. You’ll be creating value in the lives of others and that value can pay off for you for many years.

There’s no question… The One Hour Bestseller will show you the path to certain profits. The only question is… are you going to cash in starting today?

Take this new tool and apply these ideas. Put it to work for you and start building products with huge profit potential.

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