Make Money Writing With These 4 Key Ideas

Any form of writing you create has the potential to earn you money. It could be an article to sell an affiliate product… a downloadable e-book you sell from your web site… or perhaps it’s a full-fledged information product of multiple components that you intend to sell copies of for hundreds of dollars each.

The purpose of this site is to help you turn your words into money. And the purpose of this article is to give you a few foundational basics to generate more money from your writing efforts.

Number One: Find the Market First

This is so important that I had to make it number one on my list of key ideas. Without an enthusiastic, hungry market ready to consume your information as soon as it becomes available, you won’t make the money you could. That’s the bottom line.

In order to multiply your earnings from writing, you need to sell your material in quantity. It won’t do you much good to sell one copy here and there, although that’s better than nothing and certainly an improvement over the results some folks achieve.

But the potential to make money from your writing has never been greater than it is today. Opportunities abound, both online and off-line. Hundreds of hungry markets exist, and more are uncovered all the time.

So begin your writing efforts with this fundamental principle in mind. Instead of focusing on the type of product or subject matter you plan to create, focus first on identifying the market that will buy your product. Doing so gets you thinking in the right way from the very start, even before your product is conceived.

The reason for finding a market first is simple. You have reasonable expectations of making money from your writing efforts, so you want to be sure it’s going to be snapped up by the marketplace. It takes some time and effort to create a piece of writing — whether it’s an article, report, or book. Such is the way of anything worthwhile in this life. So begin by finding a large group of people that are hungry for something — something you can provide in the form of a book, special report, or training manual.

After you identify this large group of potential customers, ensure that they are accessible to you. You want people who are ready, willing, and able to pay for the kind of written product you plan to develop.

So before you put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard, ensure that there is a substantial market for the kind of information you intend to share.

Number Two: Offer a Helpful Solution To a Problem

People in every market have problems, problems that they would love to solve. Everywhere, all around you people want to do things faster, better, with less effort and at a lower cost. Your job is to find a solution and share it within the content of your writing project. Focus on the solution and you will naturally attract people in the marketplace who are burdened by the problem. Find the best workable solution and craft your writing around it.

Number Three: Identify Your Angle and Stick To It

It’s important that you stay focused on the major subject area of your writing. Your slant or angle should be revealed in your title and all the text that follows should be supplementary material related to your main topic. For example, if your book is about how men over 40 can lose weight and keep it off, then everything that follows should relate to that general topic. This is easy to do when you have an outline in place. Without such an outline, it’s easy to slip off the track and take your writing in a totally different direction which defeats your initial purpose.

Number Four: Tell It As Only You Can

Get a good grasp of the material. Chances are you’ve already got substantial material to work with through personal experience. Do the necessary research to fill in any blanks. But really emphasize the insights, observations, and secrets that you picked up as a result of your own experience. No one else has lived the life you’ve lived. No one else has an identical story to tell. Realize that your unique perspective can add tremendous value to your writing.

Give readers the benefit of your inside perspective. Share your secrets, shortcuts. This is where many beginners fall flat with their writing projects. They simply rehash the same factual information without adding their own personal insights and unique details. But what really makes your piece one-of-a-kind is the unique flavour and perspective you blend into it.

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