How To Write Naturally And Skyrocket Your Productivity

To achieve success as a writer or info-product developer you can’t worry about editing as you write. Just write it. Let the words flow onto the page. You can worry about the editing later.

Write as fast as you can. You’ll find that a pressing deadline forces you to get to work and using a simple kitchen timer can make you a far more productive writer.

If you’ve ever run into a wall with your writing, or stared at a blank page for more than a second or two, you know how a slight interruption in your writing flow can impede your progress.

Go back and forth between writing and editing and it takes you out of the natural flow. It breaks your stream of consciousness writing where the words flow off your fingertips at record speed and in a magical fashion.

Combining editing and writing is laborious work that can quickly wear you out. If you write 5 pages a day when you write naturally, you may find yourself writing just 1 page or less with editing in the same time period.

So how can you break free of the editing trap and still produce quality work?

The short answer is to write first and to write fast. And only edit after the writing is done.

When you’re writing naturally, you’re using the right hemisphere of the brain. Your right brain paints word pictures of what it imagines. But the left is logic-oriented and it only generates what it thinks belongs. Writing is a right-brain activity while editing is left-brain.

Quality writing and high-output writing go hand in hand. When you get into the flow and you write naturally as it comes to mind – that’s where the true magic is.

According to Gabrielle Lusser Rico, author of Writing The Natural Way — “if you can speak, form letters on the page, know the rudiments of sentence structure, take a telephone message, or write a thank-you note, you have sufficient language skills to learn to write the natural way.” Writing and creating information products that sell isn’t something that’s reserved for some and not for others. Anybody can do this.

Get it out of your mind and onto the page. Let it flow. When you’re finished, tweak what you’ve written with your logical mind.

Author Lusser Rico labelled these two brain hemispheres “Sign and Design”. She discusses the connection between the two hemispheres and reminds us that quality writing is usually a collaboration between the two sections of the brain. It’s finding the right combination of logic (convey the right information) and creativity (comminicating with clarity in an interesting way).

When it’s time to write, allow yourself freedom of expression. Write naturally and without limitation, other than time. Drive yourself to communicate most effectively. When you finish, make it as strong as it can be.

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