How To Find Topics To Write About

Anyone can write. But if you’re going to make the effort to put words on a page in any format, why not do so with the intent of making money from your efforts?

Quality, unique information is in big demand. People want to know how they can solve a particular problem. They want to do things faster, better, cheaper. They want to learn new ways, try alternate methods, see new places, and experience exciting things that life offers. And for those who provide helpful information that promises to lead readers to their goal, the rewards can be glorious and long-lasting.

A Lifetime of Rewards

That’s what I enjoy most about writing and turning words into money. You write it once and in many, many cases get paid handsomely for years. When you think about it, there aren’t too many “crafts” or businesses where you can do the work one time only and then automatically replicate it as often as you choose, earning an income that is virtually unlimited in the process.

Find the Market First

Before you settle in on a topic for your first (or next) piece of writing, whatever format it should take, you should first consider the market.

Instead of trying to come up with topic nobody else in the world has ever thought of, try to first identify a large pool of potential buyers. Find the market first and then set out to shape your product to suit the desires of that market.

Target a market and then shape your writing to serve that market. You want to provide helpful information to people with a problem or unfulfilled desire. That’s where your solution-oriented information comes into play. You simply provide what’s wanted to people who are looking for it and ready, willing and able to pay for the information that will help them fix the problem or alleviate the pain.

There Are “Acres of Diamonds” in Your Own Backyard

In terms of what to write about, think of your current business or profession. Somewhere along the line you’ve gathered plenty of industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

Think of all the “inside secrets” you picked up. What about the many shortcuts to get things done faster? What about the tips, tactics and techniques you learned along the way? This is the kind of information that others in the same market will devour.

If your current business doesn’t fit the bill, consider the work you’ve done in the past, or the kind of work someone you know does. Is there a market in need of useful information? If so, you should step right in and turn your thoughts, ideas and words into money.

Consider your personal interests. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What time or money-saving secrets do you know that could be applied to a specific activity or business? If you were a consultant, how would you solve a major problem in the market you’ve identified?

Become an Active Observer

What kind of things do other people around you do? There may be an opportunity to provide information to an audience based on someone you’ve observed. For example, my neighbour is an expert handyman. This fellow can do anything around the house… and do it like a pro. I’m talking about installing windows and doors, roofing, installing a hot tub — major things the average homeowner won’t bother trying to do themselves.

Perhaps there’s an opportunity to write about the specific step-by-step methods for the do-it-yourself, weekend warrior. Recognize what someone else is good at and then team up with them. You provide the writing, they provide the expertise.

Have you ever encountered someone who was so dedicated to their job that you know they were a perfect for the position? These people stand out because others in the same boat are often miserable. They lack the same level of drive and commitment. This person has made an important discovery and if you can identify it, you can write about it and share your findings with others in that environment who would like to experience the same passion.

One Reason To Catch The News

Another great source for topic ideas are the various news stories that emerge continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check out the major headlines from media sources online. Peruse your local daily newspaper for interesting ideas.

Check out the magazine section of largest bookstore in your area. Pay close attention to hot markets. Look for magazines that cater to specific niche markets and then check out the kinds of articles they’re writing. This exercise will open your eyes to ideas and opportunities you probably didn’t consider before.

Take a look back over your life. What one experience transformed you the most? Was it spending long summer days working on your grandparent’s farm? Or maybe it was leaving your home country to create a new life in America. Perhaps it was a trip to some remote area of the world taught you something more valuable than the years spent at school.

Maybe childbirth or the whole experience of raising a family was transformational for you. What did you learn? What insights could really make a difference for other parents? Perhaps your transformational experience was breaking through your fears to go skydiving or to walk on fire. Whatever it was, take the time to re-examine your life experience. Look for valuable gems others would love to know and you have the foundation for a powerful product.

Imagine The Ideal

If the sky truly was the limit, what would you do? You’ve heard of “armchair quarterbacks” — those deeply involved football fans who analyze every play of the game and then offer their wisdom after the fact. Well, take that same approach and apply it to just about any hobby or business to make it better.

Any serious home vegetable gardener would like to know how increase their harvest by 47%… just as any pub owner would love to know 101 cheap ways to attract more paying customers. Everyone serious “player” in a market is looking for some kind of edge or advantage. Provide and you could cash in for a long time.

Finally, consider this question… What one problem could you help thousands of readers solve? Problems are everywhere. It’s these same problems that keep people from being, having or doing what they really want. Help them overcome those obstacles and you’ve created another source of income from your writing.

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