How To Breakthrough Your Imaginary Talent Barrier

Everyone is good at something; most are skilled and knowledgeable at many things. If you think you have nothing to write about, think again. But how many of really think we have talent when it comes to writing? Chances are you bought into the beliefs of others at an early age and for most of us these lingering beliefs continue to hold us back.

What about you? Have you bought into the belief that you must be a talented writer to make money from your work? If so, now is the time to break free of the shackles that prevent you from enjoying life’s riches that are indeed within reach.

When you write informative pieces like reports or eBooks, you’re not writing to win a Pulitzer Prize. Your mission is to share valuable information to a specific niche market. To do so requires only the most basic of writing skills and that is something we all learned in grade school. Exceptional writing skill can be an asset, but it certainly isn’t a requirement. If you can share the details of an idea in an organized and readable format, you have what it takes to create an information product that sells.

Imagine that you’re writing to a friend and as you do, “sell” then on the idea you want to get across. Use whatever backup material comes to mind – stories, analogies, etc. That’s all you have to do. Start with an outline and then fill in each segment as though you had to explain it to a friend who was sitting across the table.

Take Nike’s advice and “Just do it”. Make writing a regular habit. The more you do this, the easier it gets and the more your skills naturally improve. Some days you won’t feel like writing. Do it anyway. Use whatever leverage you must to get moving in the right direction. Every effort moves you forward towards your goal. Every excuse moves you in the opposite direction.

If you’re a gifted writer, I suggest tackling fiction writing. You have to be talented to be a bestseller in this area. Just look at the bestseller lists and read them. Many of these writers have superior talent. If that’s not you, stick to writing non-fiction. There’s a whole wide world out there hungry for the kind of information you can provide and there’s no telling how much you can earn over the years to come.

Fact is that most of us are better writers than we give ourselves credit for. If you can express an idea in a conversation, you can write. Don’t let a perceived lack of ability hold you back.

Exceptional talent can help you or hurt you. Quality writing makes for good reading. But if you’ve got the goods, you’ve already set a high standard and anything less simply won’t measure up. The danger is that you’ll be spinning your wheels more often than not because you’ll constantly want to gauge the quality of your writing. Talented writers tend to think that skill is the number one determining factor in their success. In non-fiction writing, this just isn’t so.

Get busy writing. Results come about when you take consistent action. Stick to it. Persist until each project you start is completed.

Just be willing to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. Let the ideas flow and capture them quickly. Once you do, simply move onto to the next point or segment of your project. Put one foot in front of the other and march onward.

Forget about not having special writing talent and just work at explaining things in a simple manner. That’s how you get it done and that’s how you create an asset that can consistently earn you money, month after month.

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