Book Writing Know How-Write a Book Now the Easy Way

Forget everything else you’ve heard about writing a book and listen to the secrets I learned from a teacher several years ago. If you want to know how, the way to write a book is to consistently place your fingers on the keyboard and share your thoughts. In other words, if you want to write, you have to write. Nothing can take the place of actually doing it.

Writing a book only seems like a huge, overwhelming task. But when you break it down, it’s nothing but a collection of segments, paragraphs and sentences strung together. But each and every component is created individually, one after another.

When you apply yourself to writing, you’ve mastered the “how”. Write a book and you’ll see the evidence of your actions as it comes to life. The way you learn writing is by doing. It’s only a challenge because of limiting rules we learned long ago. But the best book writing comes from the freedom you experience as you allow your stream of consciousness to flow onto the page.

“Good writing is good thinking, expressed clearly” says successful author and business guru, Michael Masterson. Develop your idea and communicate it in the simplest, most direct way.

Another key to effective book writing is to involve multiple senses. Write so people who are visual learners can easily build an image of your concept in their mind’s eye. Add “voice” to your writing to capture the attention and involvement of auditory learners. Inject feeling and emotion to for those who are more receptive to a kinaesthetic approach. Employ all three and you’ll make a significantly greater impact on the marketplace.

Let your words flow. Avoid interruptions and work in short bursts. Get the thoughts out of your head on onto the page as quickly as you can. But do this for short periods of time – anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. Then, take a break and do something completely different for the next 10 minutes. Stretch, walk, ride a bike. Physical exercise is the best way to recharge and replenish, making your next writing session just as productive as the last.

If you want to write, but you’re stuck on the how, write a book one page, paragraph, or sentence at a time. Nonfiction books are nothing but a collection of hundreds or thousands of these tiny segments. Every line is another piece of the jigsaw puzzle, bringing you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

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