7 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt and Blossom As a High Output Writer

There’s never been a greater time in the history of civilization to benefit from written communication as there is now. It seems strange to say that in these days of high technology.

Anyone can do it. And everyone should. Unfortunately most of us are saddled with a lack of belief that has accrued over the years as a result of past conditioning.

For many people, writing back in school was a difficult challenge. There was spelling and rules of grammar and sentence structure that had to be followed. And unless you were a gifted student, the results you produced in school were probably less than stellar.

To complicate matters, may have been criticized repeatedly, which likely didn’t help you improve as a writer. In fact, there’s a good chance it had a longer lasting and more damaging effect. Those early negative experiences may be still getting in the way of your natural ability to write.

It’s time to turn the page. You’re not in primary school anymore and no one is grading your work based on grammar or style.

You may not think of yourself as a writer. But that doesn’t mean you cannot profit for a long time to come through the words you compose on the page. The kind of writing I’m talking about isn’t poetry or prose, but the sharing of information. If you really want to benefit (yourself and others) by sharing your knowledge, creating written information products is a proven path to success. And it’s something anyone can do.

Here are a few simple ways to help you overcome that self-doubt and blossom into a high output creator of information.

1. Clear Your Mind

When you sit down to write, focus only on the task in front of you. But before you do, take a few moments to clear your mind and reach a stress-free state.

You want to create an environment where the words will flow swiftly. When you’re in the zone, writing is easy. But if you allow those thoughts of self-doubt to creep in, you’ll get nowhere. Productivity will come to a screeching halt.

Even if you are able to get yourself to take some action and put words on the page, immediately you’ll want to edit, because you sense that what you would written is somehow inadequate.

Suspend any doubt. Banish your disbelief. All you need to do is imagine that you’re talking to a friend and then talk away. Your sentences will take on a conversational tone, which is exactly what you want an information product.

2. Don’t Compete, Create

Do not attempt to make your writing better than someone else’s. Just be yourself. Share your information with personal references, experience, and insight. There is only one of you. No one else can tell your story the way you can.

Don’t compare your writing to that of what others are providing. No one buys information products for the quality of the writing. All it takes is an idea clearly communicated. That’s the basis of a solid information product and it’s something anyone can do with even the most basic of writing skills.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, merely strive to communicate your ideas to your reader. Simply focus your efforts on getting your point across as though you were explaining it to a friend. Simple, straightforward language works best. Avoid using a five dollar word when a fifty-cent replacement will do.

3. Write It Faster

The faster you write, the better it is. You only have only to test this yourself to gain overwhelming proof of its validity. Faster speeds equal better writing.

When you write rapidly you override that negative voice that is forever questioning your capability. Therefore, it’s important to just get it down. Write it the way you would say it. Don’t edit, you can do that later. Your purpose during the writing phase is to allow your writing mind to soar without any chains.

4. Read Good Writing

Writers are readers. When you read the work of quality writers, invariably your writing improves. That’s just the way it is. Read often and read much. Choose from a variety of material. When you discover writing that grabs you, take note.

When it’s time to sit down and write, try emulating a favorite passage. As you continue to read and write, you’ll notice the words flowing with greater ease, and the quality of your output improving.

5. Write More

If you’re struggling with writing when you attempt to produce material, it’s only because you haven’t made writing a routine. Write something new every day. Begin making it something that you do, naturally on a regular basis.

The more you write, the more naturally the words will flow. And the more you write, the greater your productivity. New reports, e-books or manuals will be created with greater frequency. The simple act of writing more helps you to develop extra products which in turn become additional sources of profit.

6. Write In Short Segments

Rather than setting aside an entire day to write a report, give yourself half an hour a day, over the period of one week. During each half-hour writing session, give it all you’ve got. Free your mind and let your fingers dance across the keyboard.

In just 30 minutes of concentrated effort, you’ll produce quality writing. But without strong discipline, and plenty of practice, spending all day writing a report will likely be a huge challenge.

You could do it over day, if you wanted to. Just be sure to allow for a break after tackling each small section. When you write, you want to feel fresh and energized, not mentally drained.

7. Make It Even Better

After you’ve completed your initial writing, that’s the time to revise and improve. But if you followed your outline, and you’ve written your piece in small segments at a rapid pace, chances are, what you’ve already got is solid and mostly usable material.

A little editing goes a long way.

Resist the temptation to scrap your work and start over. That’s only the result of allowing that negative voice to take hold once again. What you’ve already got is good, if not better than most. This means it has the potential to earn you a lot of money.

If you toss it because you don’t feel your content measures up, that little voice inside has once again become your ruler. Don’t let it happen. You’re better than you think you are, and far more capable.

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