7 Secrets of High-Productivity Writing and Info Product Creation

1. Set your writing goals. Record your goals and keep them in front of you so you always know what you’re shooting for. Set a realistic timeline for the accomplishment of each project and then break it down into incremental, daily steps.

2. Determine your most critical writing tasks before the start of each day. Listen to your inner voice. Your intuition always leads you the right way. Early preparation means you’re ready to get to work at the sound of the bell.

3. Create written lists and check off items as you complete them. Your to-do list should include everything related to a particular writing project. Capture every important idea on paper so you have a point of reference.

4. Prioritize your list from most important to least. The easiest way to do this is to categorize each item into three major sections:

A) Crucial And Urgent
B) Important But Not As Urgent
C) Neither Important Or Urgent

The A’s are key items and therefore should receive top priority. B’s are next and C’s may not be necessary at all. Prioritize at the start and keep your lists handy and you will be able knock off one writing project after another.

5. Zoom in. Even if you have 101 different projects on the go, you must prioritize to maximize your efforts. There are plenty of outside influences to tempt you on a regular basis. There are lots of interesting things to do, places to go, and people to mingle with. You can easily spend your time many different ways. But if you want to accomplish great things as a writer or info product creator, you need to stay focused on getting your daily quota of words onto the page.

6. Work on the single, most important project task at any given time. What’s most important is the one that contributes the greatest value. Constantly ask yourself, “What’s the best use of my time, right now?” Then take action on this one productive step to move you closer to completion.

7. Proceed to the next, most important action step on your list. Focus your attention 100% on this task until it is completed. When you’ve taken the task as far as you can, advance to the next item in succession on your task list. One by one, you’ll finish each part of the process and you will always be working on what is most important to getting the job done.

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