6 Good Reasons Why You Should Write A Book Now

When you put your knowledge, expertise and experience into writing, you transform intangible ideas and insights into a product. Your book can be a permanent creation, or one that is updated frequently. Either way, it’s an asset. And it can pay you dividends for many years.

Here are 6 good reasons why you should seriously consider writing your book now:

1. Write a book and it’s a source of revenue.

I t’s an opportunity to work once and get paid thousands of times over. The more successful your book becomes, the more you stand to cash in. But virtually every report, ebook, book, manual, or home-study course earns income for the author. It could be trickling stream of cash that fades fast, or a raging river of money that shoes up month after month.

Write your book with the intention of developing an additional profit center. If self-published, your book is an asset that you own. That means 100% of the profit your book generates is yours to keep, so every sale puts more money in your pocket.

2. Write a book and you have a high-value, self-promotional tool.

Few things can raise your profile like a book can. A published book with your name on the cover as the author builds authority. It makes you a perceived expert in a specific category. This in turn increases the perceived value of your other products and services, which allows you to charge more for them.

You just can’t beat the kind of instant credibility having written a book gives you. That’s one of the big reasons so many professionals have already done so. Printed books distributed through a major publisher deliver maximum prestige and credibility. Being picked up by a publisher elevates your position to a higher degree. But self-published works can be highly-effective credibility boosters too.

3. Write a book and expand your marketing reach.

With your own book or report for sale online, you open up new vistas of opportunity. Suddenly the entire world is your domain and you can sell your product anywhere. New markets open up that were previously inaccessible and perhaps, unknown.

Today, every writer can sell his or her creation worldwide without leaving home. It’s a beautiful thing. And it’s a great way to introduce new prospects and markets to your other products and services.

4. Write a book and you package your knowledge into saleable form.

Your book becomes an extension of you. People get to know you by virtue of your written words.

Writing a book is a means to capturing and monetizing the ideas you have and the experiences you live. You share or demonstrate your knowledge everyday in the business world through customer interactions, presentations, speeches, inter-office communications, meetings and articles. Your book takes what you already know and re-packages it in an interesting way.


5. Write a book of your own and you’ll see how easy it can be.

If more people know that writing a book can be a simple, step-by-step process, a whole lot more of them would become authors. But many look at a typical book and figure that it’s hard enough to read a book like that, let alone write one. And so they never do.

But book writing is easier than you think. Never before in history has the opportunity to become a successful book writer been so great. Anyone can do it with a little elbow grease. It doesn’t cost money to write a book but it does take some effort and persistence. With the goal of a book and the drive to get it done, you can succeed and cash in from your efforts on a global scale, 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

6. Write a book and you attract new people and opportunities to you.

Attracting profitable relationships is a by-product of writing a successful book. As your book becomes known and others start talking about it, people will begin to get in touch with you.

Some will want to promote your book to their customers through a joint venture partnership. Others will want to interview you for another product. Others will invite you to do a teleseminar or radio interview. And each and every one of these contacts can be highly-profitable for you.

I was personally approached by an industry giant who liked the training manuals I wrote so much that he hired me to write two more manuals just like it for his exclusive market. Both of us benefited from a relationship made possible by a self-published product.

Writing a book puts you on the map. Soon your name spreads and people of influence will want to get in touch with you. Your mere association with these individuals raises your standing further. There’s no telling how profitable these relationships can become over the years. Write a book now and the sky truly is the limit.

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