21 Ways To Get Organized and Become A More Productive Writer (Part Two)

8. Complete one small segment at a time. Then move onto the next. You want to get it right the first time and the best way to accomplish this with your writing is to jump right in and only allow yourself a set time to get it done. Take the next task and get it done. Stick to this approach and your productivity will soar.

9. Get started on some aspect of your writing immediately. Take the “Just Do It” approach. If you don’t start, you’ll never finish. If you wait for conditions to be just right, you’ll never get it done. Do something every day that will move you closer to completing a major writing project. Don’t put it off. Do it now.

10. Keep advancing. Build upon each accomplishment by moving right along to the next task at hand. As you achieve one completed project after another, you increase your potential for even greater achievement. Success begets success. Each writing task completed successfully adds to the momentum you build. Your confidence soars and you naturally achieve more. Every completed project, in fact every completed task places you in a better position to meet the next challenge.

11. Take productive action now. Know that your moment of power is now. Nothing in the past… and nothing in the future is as vital as the moment before you at this moment. The only time you can count on with certainty is the time you have today. Every day you are handed 24 golden hours. What will you do with your time? Every minute should be valued because it is only given once. You cannot get it back. Taking action on your most pressing writing project ensures that you’re not wasting time.

12. Face challenges, obstacles and difficulties directly. Deal with the problem and move on. Often the most important task at any given time is the least appealing. Do it anyway. The best thing to do is to simply roll up your sleeves and get to work. Get started and continue to work at it. Usually it’s not as bad as you’ve imagined and you won’t be wasting time.

13. Make decisions quickly and firmly. People who get things done in life seem to share the characteristic of making fast decisions (after gathering whatever details they can) and sticking with them. Don’t waste time deliberating. Size up the situation as best you can and make a decision. Indecision is the kiss of death for writers. Not all decisions can be made quickly, but many can. The more you practice quick decision making the more effective you’ll be as a writer who gets things done.

14. Transform necessary activities into powerful habits. A habit is something you just do automatically, without conscious deliberation. We all have tasks that are unpleasant or distasteful, yet necessary. Most writers like to write most of all. But research, information gathering and interviews are often required too. Once these less desirable tasks become habit, they’re much easier to endure. You don’t have to stop and think about it. Instead you just get it done.

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