Day: August 15, 2017

Use Your Rich Experience To Enhance Your Writing

Write regularly and you will find the process gets easier. Writing is a creative action that naturally improves in quality as you engage in the process. Put more of yourself into your writing and share your story because that’s what makes your writing unique . When you tap into your rich experience, your supply of […]

Can A Creative Writing Course Help You?

If you’re thinking about taking a creative writing course, but you can’t decide because you don’t really know what to expect, this article is for you. Creative writing programs are available through most colleges and adult education programs. There are also a number of online creative writing courses available to choose from. While not all […]

How Effective Info Product Creators Overcome Procrastination To Get It Done (Part Three)

13. Re-frame any seemingly unpleasant task to make it more palatable. Nothing by itself is either good or bad – it’s your perception that makes it so. Nothing is either painful or pleasurable until you decide which it is. If you hate spending endless hours on research, change what your information gathering sessions mean to […]

How Effective Info Product Creators Overcome Procrastination To Get It Done (Part Two)

8. Listen to your excuses. Why are you putting off certain tasks in favor of others? Chances are it’s because you like to feel good and your perceptions about certain tasks drive you away from them. You don’t even want to think about anything that could move you away from the pleasure you desire in […]

How Effective Info Product Creators Defeat Procrastination To Get It Done

1. Evaluate the element of the project that you’re avoiding. What is it that prevents you from getting started on this part of your writing project? If the task seems overwhelming, it’s usually because it’s too much to handle in its entirety. The solution? Break it down into smaller chunks. Divide any giant project into […]

21 Ways To Get Organized and Become A More Productive Writer (Part Three)

15. Create a master deadlines file. Know where you stand at any time in relation to any project and know when each project is due. The purpose of a deadlines file is to keep you organized and on time, so you meet every deadline successfully. Use your limited time as motivation. With a deadline looming, […]

21 Ways To Get Organized and Become A More Productive Writer

1. Organize your notes. Put everything in its place at the end of the day. Clear off your desk and return every file and document. This accomplishes two things: 1) The reference material you’ve used will be exactly where it should be the next time you need it and… 2) You’ll begin each day with […]

High Output Writing Techniques (Part Three)

11. Challenge yourself to finish ahead of schedule. If you typically take 30 minutes to write an article, give yourself 15 minutes to write the next one. Stick to it and you literally drive yourself to a higher level of output. Seek out better, faster, more productive ways of doing things. Then give yourself a […]

High Output Writing Techniques (Part Two)

6. Keep your day planner or notebook within reach all the times. Record any promising ideas, thoughts, concepts and any other important information that randomly pops into your mind. You subconscious mind usually reveals its gems while you’re busy doing other things. It’s best to capture them in your planner and not on scraps of […]

High-Output Writing Techniques (Part One)

1. Speak your thoughts into a digital voice recorder and have the recording transcribed. You can then edit as you see fit. Another option is to use voice-recognition software and then polish up your spoken words into whatever format provides the best fit. This is an easy way to express your ideas without trying to […]

Even More Ways Info Product Creators Get Time On Their Side (Part Three)

13. Monitor how you spend your time for just one week. Account for every hour of each day for the next seven days, just like someone who is serious about losing weight would track everything they consume. At the end of the week, review your track record. Total the hours spent in each activity related […]

More Ways Info Product Creators Get Time On Their Side (Part Two)

7. Economize your time. Accomplish tasks with less waste. Don’t take hours to plan and write a simple article when a few moments are all you need. The fewer steps involved to complete a task, the better. Work at improving efficiency by shaving minutes or even seconds off routine duties. Be on the lookout for […]

18 Ways Info Product Creators Get Time On Their Side (Part One)

1. Allow adequate time when planning your writing projects. Factor in the time required for each task on your list. Take into account such things as research, scheduling interviews, planning and outlining. Don’t forget to consider the loss of actual productive writing/info product creation time while performing any other activities. 2. Plan on requiring extra […]

7 More Secrets of High-Productivity Writing and Info Product Creation

1. Decide on the writing project you need to accomplish next, more than any other. What one piece of writing is most important to you right now? This is where your focus needs to be. Next, decide on the specific action steps required and follow this path before any other. You can complete any writing […]

7 Secrets of High-Productivity Writing and Info Product Creation

1. Set your writing goals. Record your goals and keep them in front of you so you always know what you’re shooting for. Set a realistic timeline for the accomplishment of each project and then break it down into incremental, daily steps. 2. Determine your most critical writing tasks before the start of each day. […]

Creating Information Products: 5 Ways To Write Great Content

1. Begin each segment of your writing on a positive note. Creating information products is fun, exciting and extremely lucrative. Sure there’s plenty of “work” involved. Just don’t allow it to get you down. Accomplish something important early in the process and you’ll feel a sense of achievement that can energize your to continue making […]

7 Key Steps To Creating New Information Products From Scratch

1. Adjust your focus. Make your important writing projects a priority in your life. Accept the fact that there simply isn’t enough time to do everything. Life offers unlimited choices, but only 24 hours a day, 365 times each year. So it only makes sense to work on the most important things. If you’re always […]

How To Get a Book Published The Fast, Easy and Dirt-Cheap Way

Who else wants to become a published author? If you’ve ever wondered how to get a book published, without the usual trials and tribulations, pay particular attention to this article. Having your own book in print is a wonderful feeling. Anyone can put words to a page, design a cover, convert it into PDF format […]

Can a Book Writing For Dummies Approach Help You?

Can a Book Writing For Dummies Approach Help You? If you want to write a book but you’re struggling to get going, chances are you’re making the process far too complicated. It need not be that way and in fact, the more you can simplify the process, the easier it gets. If you’ve yet to […]