18 Ways Info Product Creators Get Time On Their Side (Part One)

1. Allow adequate time when planning your writing projects. Factor in the time required for each task on your list. Take into account such things as research, scheduling interviews, planning and outlining. Don’t forget to consider the loss of actual productive writing/info product creation time while performing any other activities.

2. Plan on requiring extra time when your project involves the contributions of others. Plan for challenges and delays and you’ll be less frustrated when they happen. When collaborating, be clear with others about what’s expected of them and when. But understand that other people might not be as committed to the info product project as you are. Best to check in periodically. Don’t wait until the last minute. This way you’re more likely to keep your writing project on track and moving forward.

3. Expect delays and factor these into your plan. Allow time for common delays like traffic or long lines at the bank or grocery store. These things are simply unavoidable at times. Give yourself a 10-20% cushion when scheduling your daily activities. By making such provisions ahead of time, you’ll be more effective and less stressed when it comes to your writing.

4. Make punctuality a habit. Do so and you will immediately gain an advantage over 97% of the population. Consistently being on time and delivering your work on schedule builds a positive reputation. It also saves time and money. Being on time shows a healthy respect for the time of other people.

5. Give yourself the advantage of an early morning start. Get up one hour earlier than normal and put that hour to good use. Do it for a month and you it will become a habit – a habit that will be among the most fruitful that you’ve ever developed. You may be astonished at what one hour can do for your productivity. It’s an easy way to gain a distinct advantage and become someone who always gets things done.

6. Transform downtime into productive activity. Determine your time of peak productivity and use this for your most important info product creation. Use less productive times to return calls and emails, gather research, or to conduct meetings. No one can be at their peak level of performance at all times of the day. Know when you’re at your best and use that part of the day for your most important and demanding work.

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